2300 W. Wabansia

Wicker Park

What a journey this condo hunt was! For some people, finding their dream home is quick and easy. Something like love at first sight. For others, it’s not quite so simple.

My client and I started the search for his future condo pretty casually. At first, we were just going out so he could see what was available. He wasn’t sure which neighborhood he wanted to be in so we alternated between his top three: Wicker Park, Roscoe Village and Lincoln Park. The search began in February. They closed in September. Throughout the course of their search they offered on four different condos. As they’d tell you now, though, the one they closed on was absolutely meant to be. In fact, it was written in the stars.

Like me, my client was really into astrology and horoscopes. Not that it ruled his day-to-day operations or anything like that, but when in doubt he’d check out his horoscope because sometimes it’s pretty interesting. I’m a Pisces, and I thoroughly believe I have the majority of Pisces traits so trust me when I say, I pay good mind to horoscopes, too.

I’ll try to be as brief as I can, but this search spanned seven months so forgive me if this is a bit longer than usual:

The first unit my client had interest in was in a building in receivership. On top of the purchase price, he would have had to pay his share of upwards of $300,000 if he wanted to proceed with the purchase. Because he is a sane human being he said, ‘Thanks, but no thanks.’ That was in June. Ironically, his horoscope said not to think long on difficult transactions. On to the next.

The second unit quickly turned into a multiple offer situation. The sellers decided to accept a higher offer but it ended up falling apart and so they came back around. After much deliberation, my client decided he didn’t love the area after all and so he said his offer was no longer on the table. Ironically, his horoscope had indicated that he should not sign any important documents on the exact date of the proposed closing. On to the next.

In late July, my client was very excited because his horoscope said that he would find his dream home on the very day we were set for our next round of showings (honest to God, I saw it myself. And this was not a real estate horoscope. Just a regular monthly one. Weird, right?) He ended up really loving one of the properties he saw and decided to offer. Unfortunately, the two parties were simply too far apart so it never worked out. On to the next.

The fourth property was perfect. Great location, a lot of space, huge balcony, plenty of natural light. It was a dream. My client offered. It was accepted. He was thrilled! …for a time. The inspection came and went and as far as he was concerned, the unit that he loved was in a building that was practically a sponge. It’s never a good idea to continue with a purchase when there’s a very good chance that once a year you might say, “Well, a vacation would be nice but I really much prefer paying these special assessments.” On to the next.

Would you believe that the agent representing the seller for the third property my client offered, but couldn’t reach a deal on, contacted me shortly after that? This was the place that my client’s horoscope eerily predicted would be my client’s future home weeks before! It turned out that the seller had a change of heart and wanted to put a deal together. They closed 30 days later.

Is that a great story or what?

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