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In honor of the fall season, I dug up this little gem from my photos last year. In 2012, KC and I took a trip out to Barrington to visit Goebbert’s Farm. In all honesty, I thought we’d probably get bored within the first hour. After all, Goebbert’s Farm is a place for children… or is it?

Not only did they have what seemed like thousands of pumpkins, they had all sorts of beautiful animals: tigers, bears, hyenas, emus, zebras, lemurs, eagles, goats, yaks, piglets and way, way more. Many of which I can’t even remember the names of because they were so difficult to pronounce. I can tell you this, nothing makes your day like petting a zebra and feeding an emu.

Still, Goebbert’s Farm is far more than just a petting zoo. You can snap pictures as a Toy Story character by peeping through the cutouts. You can wander through the great Corn Maze (Warning: don’t be smug about it. It looks easy but it’s actually quite formidable), grab a seat on a wagon ride, take a picture in the giant chair, grab a hot cider at the snack bar or take a ride on a camel! Seriously, a camel.

I hope I have time to make it out there again this year. It was so amazing the first time around. Happy Pumpkin Month!

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