The Key to Calm- Decluttering

Decluttering always seems to be on the brain but is constantly pushed back. It always seems like a huge project that will never be finished but that is not true. You can set goals for yourself to just do one room at a time, each month (or whatever timeline you choose), in order to get it done and not feel overwhelmed.

Still feel like it is too big of a task? Well here are 10 reasons that will get you motivated to declutter!

  1. Enjoy more free time
    • The less time you spend looking for things, the more time you have to do what you love!
  2. Spend less money
    • You know where everything is so you don’t accidentally buy something twice
  3. Feel more calm 
    • When your area is less consumed with things you will feel a sense of relaxation
  4. Always have something to wear
    • Have a closet full of things but nothing to wear? Getting rid of the things you don’t wear makes room for new things you will wear!
  5. Help others by donating to a good cause
    • All those clothes you don’t wear, someone else needs and will be forever grateful to you for donating them
  6. Get better sleep
    • Like we said before, less clutter = more peace. The less you have in your room, the less distracted you are making it easy to drift asleep
  7. Simplify your child’s life
    • Simple toys encourage kids to use their imagination and creativity
  8. Get out the door quicker
    • Simplify your morning routine by knowing exactly where things are. This will save you time and stress getting out the door everyday
  9. Make room for your car in the garage
    • Instead of standing in the snow this winter scraping off your car, declutter your garage so your car can fit
  10. Sell your home for more (!!!!!)
    • The less clutter the better when trying to sell your home. Buyers will be able to  better imagine themselves in your home when there are fewer personal items distracting them

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