Don’t let the cold bring you down

In Chicago we know the weather can be extremely unpredictable. Lately, we have been experiencing a big temperature drop accompanied by an abundance of rain! With the cold air, rain and eventually snow, comes excuses on why you can’t leave the house: you don’t have rain boots, you don’t have an umbrella, its too cold or the car is too far away. So you end up coming to the conclusion on working from home (AKA watching halloween movie marathons with your pet and some popcorn). Instead of loosing a day of productivity due to the weather, find something to accomplish indoors, like decluttering your closet!

Decluttering your home can be very time consuming, but if you start with a small project, like your closet, you’ll slowly get it done without feeling overwhelmed. Remove items from your closet that don’t have a place anymore to create a more organized and functional space.

  1. Old Costumes
  2. Bridesmaid dresses
  3. Gifts that you didn’t like
  4. Stretched out clothing
  5. Things you keep just because they were expensive
  6. Shoes that hurt your feet
  7. Tangled or discolored costume jewelry
  8. Free T-shirts
  9. Painting Clothes
  10. The “Fix it” Pile
  11. Free bags
  12. Whatever else you held onto last time you cleaned your closet

Now you can go back to that movie, cuddle up with your pet and know you accomplished something today!

If You Have These 12 Things in Your Closet, It’s Time to Get Rid of Them

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